ProplexFR 700 is a semi-rigid, flame-retardant, twin- walled product available in sheets. It is lightweight and strong, but able to be bent around sharp angles, making it a very versatile temporary protection in lieu of Masonite or Plywood. When coupled with Hanger Pins it can be quickly installed and easily removed and replaced as needed.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Less labor, quicker, easier and more efficient to install; one man can lift 10+ sheets.
  • Safer, lower risk to workers during installation and handling, no splinters.
  • One-man vs two men handling, can be cut with a utility knife and is easy to clean.
  • No warping when wet, unlike plywood, requires virtually NO maintenance.
  • After installation, less man hours to monitor and inspect the temporary protection.
  • More cost effective for every project due to the speed installation and extended life.
  • Conforms to curves and sharp angles, greatly reducing the need for cutting and taping.
  • Can be paired with Hanger Pins for easy mounting and removal.
  • 100% recyclable, antistatic and Flame Retardant.
  • Can be custom printed or colored.

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