Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

Breather Shield FR is an air and vapor permeable membrane that ensures newly laid flooring can breathe easily, while still protecting from damage. Breather Shield FR is the perfect material for uncured surfaces and is easy to quickly roll out for use alone or under other temporary protection products.

  • Permeable Membrane Allows Floors to Breathe While Resisting Spills and Abrasion
  • Suitable for Newly Finished Wood, Vinyl, Stone, Tile, and Screed Flooring
  • Soft & Non-Abrasive, Will Protect Surfaces from Scratches & Dust
  • Can Be Used Alone or Underneath Other Temporary Protection for Maximum Safety of Valuable Surfaces
  • Flexible & Lightweight for Single Person Installation & Removal
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties Relative to Rips & Tearing
  • Flame-Retardant