Protec Rhino Tiles are designed for the temporary protection of exterior and interior finished flooring, decks, roofs, and other horizontal surfaces where protection is required. Rhino Tiles are the alternative to fine fluted rubber matting and 8’ x 4’ sheets of FR Plywood.


Protec Rhino Tile Ramped Edges are designed for the both safety and ease of use.  Manufactured in safety yellow, these pieces clearly identify transitions and improve movement of rolling loads.


Breather Shield FR is an air and vapor permeable membrane that ensures newly laid flooring can breath easily, while still protecting from damage. Breather Shield FR is the perfect material for uncured surfaces and is easy to quickly roll out for use alone or under other temporary protection products. This flexible and lightweight material is easily cut, but strong and resistant to rips or tears. In addition to being permeable and soft, it’s also spill and water resistant, and certified flame retardant to the LSP 1207 standard.


ProplexFR HD1200 is a rigid, flame-retardant, twin- walled product available in sheets. The sheets are both lightweight and strong making them very versatile temporary protection material for vertical and horizontal surfaces in lieu of Masonite or Plywood. Due to ease of handling and robust physical properties, ProplexFR HD1200 is routinely used for the life of the project, being moved between tasks as needed.


ProplexFR 700 is a semi-rigid, flame-retardant, twin- walled product available in sheets. It is lightweight and strong, but able to be bent around sharp angles, making it a very versatile temporary protection in lieu of Masonite or Plywood. When coupled with Hanger Pins it can be quickly installed and easily removed and replaced as needed.


ProplexFR 380 is a rigid twin-walled sheet that is both lightweight and extremely durable. The product is waterproof and combines excellent compression and impact resistance, providing outstanding protection for the duration of any project, new build or refit.


ProplexFR 250 is an ultra light weight protection board with a twin-wall construction for a strong, yet lightweight, solution to surface protection. Used in a variety of internal and external applications during building, construction, and refurbishment projects, the fluted polypropylene sheets can be cut, curved or creased to fit any surface.


Hanger Pins are used in conjunction with ProplexFR temporary protection to attach sheets to vertical surfaces such as windows, doors, walls, and elevators without the need for taping. Hanger pins are simple, safe, quick to install, and will not loosen over time. For applications where ProplexFR must be bent around corners, Hanger Pins can be used to securely hold the edges in place.


Polyethylene (PE) coated cloth tape with an aggressive pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive that adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces under a wide range of temperature conditions. Designed to meet demanding applications. Easy dispensing from roll, but may require cutting due to enhanced reinforcement.


Ridiculous FR Tape is a Heavy Duty and flexible SPVC surface protection tape. Designed to meet the most demanding applications, it provides excellent abrasion, impact and rupture resistance, while also being able to withstand chemicals, water, mold, UV and other jobsite products that would destroy normal tape.