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ProplexFR HD1200 is a rigid, Flame-Retardant, twin-walled product available in sheets. The sheets are lightweight, strong, and antistatic making them versatile.  ProplexFR HD1200 can routinely be re-used and re-sequenced around both the jobsite and other projects before needing to be recycled.

  • Safer, Lower Risk to Workers During Installation and Handling, No Splinters
  • Less Labor, Quicker, Easier and More Efficient to Install: One Person Can Lift 6+ Sheets (~6Lbs. Per Sheet)
  • Can Be Cut with a Utility Knife More Cost Effective for Every Project Due to Speed of Installation and Extended Life
  • Handles Heavy Rolling Loads and Scaffolding
  • 100% Recyclable, Antistatic and Flame-Retardant
  • Can be Custom Printed or Colored