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Data Centers

Entry Point has the heavy-duty, long-lasting protection that general contractors working on data center projects desire. Our high density ProplexFR, ImpactBoard FR and Rhino Tile FR products fit the profile for these jobs because they can handle long term installation. These are some of the strongest temporary protection options on the market today. These super-duty products especially shine here, as they can handle the challenge of being applied in an area with heavy, high traffic. Entry Point products have a proven track record of performance on data center applications.

Why you should choose Entry Point

  • Our heavy-duty options are long lasting and re-usable. Those with a warehouse or the capability to move them from project to project will see immediate returns.
  • The Rhino Tile FR is UV stable and can be left out in the elements during the rainy, dry or other generally challenging seasons.
  • Entry Point products have been used on data centers with values totaling billions of dollars. When choosing Entry Point, you are getting a proven, best in class solution for your project.

Whether you have interior, exterior, long term, short term, light or heavy applications, Entry Point has the temporary protection you need in order to keep your project running on time and under budget.

Entry Point offers various densities. Lighter more flexible options are ideal for vertical protection and light traffic areas. Our higher density products are the ones to look to for heavy traffic conditions. Let us help you choose the right product based on your job site’s traffic levels.