Temporary Protection for Power Stations

Power Industry

Entry Point offers the power industry a unique solution with its full line of temporary protection that addresses both safety concerns and cost issues.

Typically, during a refueling, overhaul or upgrade, utility owners are saddled with the protection of assets during the construction process. Many times, especially in the nuclear refueling process which can go on for years, fire safety is the driving force for proper material selection. Entry Point’s Power Tiles and ProplexFR HD1200 and 700 are utilized at a tremendous cost savings for a specific reason: They are integrated Fire-Retardant products. The industry as a whole has generally used FR rated plywood. The costly part of this decision is that every eleven months the FR plywood loses its fire rating and requires removal.  Also due to warping creates tripping hazards. The cost of replacement, disposal and re-installation of temporary protection is very expensive but also exhausting administratively.

Entry Point International has a viable engineered solution for all power utilities and operators: using high density ProplexFR and Rhino Tile FR that are both certified and quality controlled for all power plants, including nuclear. They exceed performance requirements of legacy approaches like FR Plywood. All products including Breather Shield FR and Absurd FR Tape as assembly accessories meet NFPA701 and ASTM 648 certification requirements. In addition, they are FR rated for life of use requiring NO replacement during use within the plant.

Why you should choose Entry Point

  • All of our temporary protection products are Flame-Retardant for life.
  • Our products exceed the performance standards of legacy products.
  • Entry Point’s protection is suitable for long term applications.

Whether you have interior, exterior, long term, short term, light or heavy applications, Entry Point has the temporary protection you need in order to keep your project running on time and under budget.

Entry Point offers various densities. Lighter more flexible options are ideal for vertical protection and light traffic areas. Our higher density products are the ones to look to for heavy traffic conditions. Let us help you choose the right product based on your job site’s traffic levels.