Finished Walls/Curtain Walls
Corridors/Common Areas

High-quality Temporary Protection

When it comes to protecting the finishes during a residential build, Entry Point’s flexible “levels of protection” model empowers builders to effectively preserve all of their exposed surfaces when finishing a build. Our lighter density sheets are easy to install in more compact areas yet still offer the impact resistance and overall durability that one would want from temporary protection. Entry Point also has products of varying rigidities that can snap into place over a sink, cabinet or any other feature common in residential buildings. If you are undertaking large scale apartment or mixed-use style projects, then you would benefit greatly from using Entry Point’s temporary protection to keep costs low and productivity high.

Why you should choose Entry Point

  • Our lighter options are easier to install and maneuver around a residential site, yet still offer sturdy and reliable protection.
  • We have sheets that are Fire-Retardant, easy to cut and static resistant in addition to having other excellent benefits.
  • We can custom print your logo onto our sheets in order to communicate class and credibility to both clients and outside inspectors alike.

Whether you have interior, exterior, long term, short term, light or heavy applications, Entry Point has the temporary protection you need in order to keep your project running on time and under budget.

Entry Point offers various densities. Lighter more flexible options are ideal for vertical protection and light traffic areas. Our higher density products are the ones to look to for heavy traffic conditions. Let us help you choose the right product based on your job site’s traffic levels.