Protec Hanger Pins



Hanger Pins are used in conjunction with ProplexFR temporary protection to attach sheets to vertical surfaces such as windows, doors, walls, and elevators without the need for taping. Hanger pins are simple, safe, quick to install, and will not loosen over time. For applications where ProplexFR must be bent around corners, Hanger Pins can be used to securely hold the edges in place.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Strong and secure.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quick to install.
  • Clean, professional appearance.
  • Allows for removal and reinstallation of ProplexFR sheets with minimal effort.


Guidelines For Use

  • Apply strips of Low Tack, Ultra Low Tack or Glass Tape to the surface.
  • Test the tape in small area prior to install and check it throughout the project to avoid residue being left on the surface.
  • Peel off release paper, affix adhesive backing to the tape.
  • Pierce protective material with the pin, place washer over the pin to secure in place.
  • Fold pin over for extra safety.

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